Education is a passion of mine and I've seen firsthand the challenges most families face paying for their children's education without having to sacrifice their retirement.  Starting early is one of the biggest keys to success when it comes to preparing and paying for college. 


Click the below links for additional information on college planning, and to Apply for a $5,000 American College Fund Visionary Scholarship.



Are you a teacher, child care provider, nurse, military personnel, or do you work in other public service occupations?  If so, you may quality for student loan forgiveness, cancellation, or discharge. 


In 2007, Congress passed the "College Cost Reduction and Access Act" and it created the PUBLIC SERVICE FEDERAL STUDENT LOAN FORGIVENESS PROGRAM. This Federal Program allows all government employees to receive two benefits:

1.) a lower qualifing monthly payment and,

2.) forgiveness of up to 80% of the total loan.


Get in touch with me at 361-463-6443 or to discuss your eligibility for student loan forgiveness.

Retirement used to be viewed as a 25 year vacation after a life of hard work, but many people are now faced with some sort of continued work, whether by necessity or preference.  This new change in traditional retirement brings with it a unique set of financial questions that need to be addressed.


Check out our Retirement Planning page for helpful videos to inspire wealth building.  And contact me at 361-463-6443 or so we can discuss how to accomplish a successful retirement in today's economy.

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